How Does Massage Improve Lower & Upper Back Pain

by glenn on February 25, 2011

Massage Therapy is, lately, widely accepted in the medical community as a credible method of treating lower and upper back pain, with or without additional medical interventions. Research studies also indicate that massage therapy provides several health benefits for people suffering from back pains. The Massage Therapists NYC offer various massage therapy options. The main benefits of message therapy are threefold, and they are:

1. Increasing the blood flow and circulation to the affected part, which will help in the recovery of the muscle soreness or muscle strain.

2. Decreasing the muscle tension, facilitating flexibility of the tight muscles, and relieving the pain, as a result. This process even improves sleep.

3. Massage also increases endorphin levels. These are chemicals in the brain that help a person feel good. It enhances the mood and decreases depression and anxiety, which in turn helps the patient to recover faster from any kind of back pain.

New York City massage therapists offer specialized massage applications for both lower and upper back pains. What really causes the lower and upper back pains? Typically, most often, the lower back pains, as well as the upper back pains, are caused by muscle strain or tear, occurring due to lifting of a heavy object, sudden movement, a fall, an auto accident, or sports injury. When the muscles are strained or torn, there is inflammation. Due to the inflammation, spasms occur in the muscles and cause severe pains.

Many patients may be wondering as to what is the best massage technique that they can opt for, for the back pains. For overall circulation and relaxation, the Swedish massage technique is recommended. For lower and upper back pain, where muscle strain or tightness is involved, the neuromuscular therapy is recommended. The massage therapist NYC is certified and trained to offer both these massage techniques, to relieve the lower and the upper back pains. It is always advised that the massage therapist manhattan administers the massage after the patient consults with a medical doctor.

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