Stretch To Prevent Injury

by glenn on March 7, 2011

Pulling muscles is a common problem when exercising. In order to avoid pulling a muscle, it is recommended that you do 10 minutes of stretching before doing any other types of exercise. In fact it is estimated that 50% of all sports injuries could have been avoided if stretching had been done before playing on the field.


And where better to do some stretching then in Central Park of New York City? The view is beautiful and you’ll have a nice blend between the city and nature. A personal trainer Manhattan can assist you in making sure that you do proper stretching before heavy exercise.


Stretching is great for your muscles and ensures that you do not buildup waste products in your muscles such as lactic acid. Even circulation improves with stretching. It is recommended that you hold a stretch for 30 to 60 seconds, this gives time for the oxygenated blood to flow into that muscle area. This improves health all around. Another reason stretching prevents injury is because muscles that are flexible are less prone to injury when moving around.


Personal trainers Manhattan will make sure that you do proper stretches before a hard workout. Stretching helps gain muscle and improves agility. Those who have stretched before a game and then tried not stretching before a game know the difference between the two. Stretching makes you more flexible and will improve performance with any kind of physical exercise.


Stretching is so important that there are literally exercises made just for stretching. In fact yoga is a kind of extreme stretching. Stretching takes poorly oxygenated muscle areas and increases the oxygen to that muscle group. Stretching not only feels good! It is great for you and your muscles.


Stretching in the long run will make you much healthier, by improving the oxygen throughout your body.


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