How Can Strength Training Help You Improve your Marathon Time

by glenn on April 14, 2011

If you are interested in running a marathon, or already run regularly, then you should be aware of the number one mistake that many marathon runners make. Most runners never consider strength training to boost their times, and instead focus on cardiovascular training. While running consistently can help, your muscles need additional strength in order to go faster and improve times for the New York City marathon and half marathons.


The New York City marathon is a grueling race as many marathons go. The path includes streets that go up hills, over bridges around turns, and through generally tough city road conditions. In order for your body to get faster over these obstacles, your core and legs need strength training to increase your speed. A personal trainer NYC can help you understand the routes included in the NYC marathon and all half-marathons, as well as boost your speed through strength training.


But why is strength so important? Most personal trainers NYC emphasize the endurance portion of training, which is entirely off track for what runners need. In the past muscular strength wasn’t considered important. In fact, trainers focused only on endurance and speed. Rarely focusing on strength exercises to improve muscular endurance. The truth of the matter is that your muscles power your entire body. Your muscles can heave you over hills at top speeds. Without muscular endurance all over your body, you will never reach the speeds you want for marathon running.


In addition, a personal trainer NYC coach can help you prevent injury through strength training. Learning the right moves for your body type will increase muscle all over, and prevent knee injuries and hamstring problems. These are the two most common problems that runners face, which are mostly caused by lack of proper training and muscular development around the entire body.


Getting in the right strength moves at least 3 times a week can shave minutes off of your final marathon time. Over time you will quickly see that your marathon times are dramatically reduced and that you are stronger and faster than before! Always practice proper form and keep a balanced and challenging schedule in order to condition your body all over.


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