Could the Cure for Depression Be Exercise?

by glenn on March 18, 2011

Many people at different points in their lives experience some form of depression. And while traditional approaches to depression treatment still has its place in a medical setting, studies are beginning to show that exercise can have an extraordinarily positive benefit to depression and finding a personal trainer NYC can make all the difference to cultivating good personal fitness habits to ward off some of the early signs of depression.


So how can exercise help with depression?


Exercise releases feel good chemicals called endorphins. These neuropeptides encourages the body to feel good and respond with a lower sensitivity to pain. The concept of “the runner’s high” is based in the notion of the body emitting endorphins and a runner pushing past his or her discomfort to better their time and distance. For the beginner, the concept really is no different. But it’s important to have a personal fitness coach or a personal trainer NYC who can guide you as you begin your fitness journey.


Research is even starting to show that any form of exercise can begin to reduce stress and help treat mild to moderate depression. Those exercises include: jogging, swimming, walking and playing tennis. And if you haven’t been engaged in exercise for a while, personal trainers NYC could be the key to your long-term success. Personal trainers NYC can provide you with the early encouragement to begin your program and push through the days when you just don’t feel like exercising, because those times will come. And those feel good endorphins aren’t emitted on the days when you don’t engage in exercise.


And while exercise does have positive benefits for depression, it’s important to remember that most people fail to stick to a program because they try to do it on their own. So take advantage of those feel good endorphins but also seek ongoing assistance and encouragement as you begin your exercise journey to cultivate long term benefits with stress reduction, reduced weight and positive benefits for depression. Do it with a personal trainer NYC.


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