Exercise is Most Important, Trust Your NYC Personal Trainer

by glenn on October 26, 2013

There is no single greater item more important to one’s overall health than to get moving. NYC personal trainers know this and are prepared to give you the answers why. For most people, that movement is in the form of exercise, since they spend most of the day sitting at a desk or some other sedentary capacity. There are of course many other factors affecting one’s health and it is a different combination for everyone, but you aren’t moving your health isn’t grooving.

For one piece, exercise burns calories. You hear it all the time, calories in, calories out. Exercise helps control weight gain. Your body’s engine will burn a minimum amount of fuel, or calories, each day just to “keep the lights on”. That is your basal metabolic rate If you stay in bed all day your bodily functions still need to function, like a car that is idling is still burning some gasoline. But, if you hit the gas, the car burns through the gasoline faster. Same with your body. Exercise burns additional calories. Aside from the idea of building muscular and cardiovascular strength, if you burn more calories than you take in, you can better control your weight.

As mentioned above, exercise can help you maintain a healthy heart. The heart is a muscle. NYC personal trainers may not be able to specifically target the heart, but they can create a program and track your cardiovascular exertion and improvement with a heart rate monitor. By strengthening your heart through exercise, you allow your heart to beat more efficiently at rest or during moderate exercise. Additionally, exercise helps with blood flow, pressure, and cholesterol levels. It is still important to eat right, as well.

Finally, one component that many people don’t think about is bone health. Your muscles are a support system for your skeleton. While most younger people who work with an NYC personal trainer don’t think about it, the explosion of the senior population working with personal trainers in New York City is keenly aware of this. Maintaining muscle mass is more difficult as you grow older, thus it is important to start this work at an earlier age when possible to reduce your risk of broken bones in your senior years.

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