Music and Personal Trainers Motivate

by glenn on November 17, 2013

There is a reason why stadiums blare upbeat music during crucial moments of a game. There are more reasons why players blast their favorite tunes in the locker room before the game. They want to get psyched. They want to get pumped up. It was no fluke that ESPN’s Jock Jams was so successful they made a second one. Player’s personal trainers can’t scream at them on the field. So, why shouldn’t we get the same motivation during our own personal workouts. Everyone needs a little push once in a while.

First of all, music is a great way for someone to get or stay motivated. Few people get excited about a first thing in the morning workout, even though we understand the all day energy high derived from it. It only takes a song or two to get the adrenaline. Seriously, who doesn’t feel ready to run with Rocky Balboa after hearing a few bars of “Gonna Fly Now”. Music can inspire people to do more than they might otherwise have felt like doing a minute before. A great song can motivate someone to crank up the speed on the treadmill or sprint the end of a long run. Many a runner in Central Park is running with the headphones in, being spurred on the same way their Manhattan personal trainer or running coach could do. The difference here is the motivation comes from deep down inside.

Load your iPod with jams that make you look forward to going to the gym. Music energizes you – you’ll find yourself working out harder and happier! Who cares what other people think. This is what headphones were made for. You might be a hard rock, heavy metal kind of person, but an old Michael Jackson song can spur you on in a way that wasn’t possible with any other song at that very moment. Music soothes the savage beast and can also wake up the beast within you in the right situations.

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