Negative Results From Negative Manhattan Personal Trainer Client Actions

by glenn on June 19, 2013

give your clients a clean slatePersonal trainers thrive on the success of their clients.  They enjoy achieving results for them and they love when their clients speak about their achievements to their friends.  That results in referrals.  But sometimes a client makes a mistake or takes a step in the wrong direction. They will confide in their Manhattan personal trainer about what they did.  For the trainer, this is a pivotal point and could define the relationship.  Give the client a hard time or make lemonade out of lemons.  It is best to put a positive spin on the event and give your clients a clean slate when they are less than compliant. Always give them the opportunity to impress you, don’t continually scold them for being less than perfect.

Keep out the negative feelings.  Clients who feel the negative can easily go off the deep end.  They rebel against their very own personal trainer at their own peril.  They figure they already screwed up, why not go all the way.  Turn that frown upside down.  Positive feelings keep people
motivated.  Let them know that it is okay to slip.  Suggest to them a cheat day to help keep them on point at other times.

The scolding can lead to regression.  Nothing could be less motivating than regressing away from your fitness goals and now having to work twice as hard to get back.  What ends up happening is that clients lose sight of their own goals.  They start worrying about pleasing their Manhattan personal trainer than achieving their goals, when in actuality it is the other way around.  If they are moving towards their fitness goals the trainer will be pleased simply from seeing results, which in turn makes the client happy, too.  There is an unnecessary pressure creating a distraction.

Lastly, negative feelings could lead to losing them as a client.  The worst thing that could happen is that the client dreads going to a personal training session.  They will look for any little excuse to cancel a session.  These cancelled sessions lead to many missed workouts, feelings of depression, and ultimately a client feeling like it isn’t even worth scheduling anymore sessions.  Thus for the Manhattan personal trainer
this is a lost client and lost money.

Negative actions breed negative outcomes.  A personal trainer who wants to go hard on a client needs to be selective and know which clients are up for this type of “disciplinary action.”  Many will not tolerate it.  The best opportunity is to figure out how to use the misstep and move forward, so that the client can learn from their mistakes.

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