Manhattan Personal Training Gyms Offer A Focused Alternative

by glenn on November 19, 2012

The Manhattan fitness environment has changed greatly over the last 10 years.  In past decades, it was more so about who was huge or had a stronger marketing campaign, or who had more facilities.  For most, that is now less important.  Convenience has become less of a factor, as  an increasing number of apartment buildings in the city have gyms onsite.

While marketing is still important, even small businesses can create a very strong social media campaign. For individuals who are interested in using the services of a personal trainer, multiple locations could distract from consistency.  In the last 10 years, there has been an expansion of offerings from smaller, boutique type personal training and small group training gyms.  These types of facilities have managed to pop up in just about every neighborhood of New York City, thus making it easier for someone to select the right neighborhood trainer for their goals and needs while minimizing travel.

One of the major differences is that at a personal training gym maintain its focus on you.   There are no distractions by other members.  In private training facilities, everyone on the fitness floor is accompanied by a personal trainer.  The clients are focusing on listening to their trainers and the trainers are concentrating on their clients.  Everyone is coupled up and paying attention to having a successful session.  You won’t see any magazine reading, texting, or procrastinating in between sets.

Each training space has a different look and feel.  Some will ilicit a more hard-core, bodybuilding type feel, while others instill a more upscale, but focused on training feel.  Often, the activity space will not look like your typical train on your own gym floor full of machines.  A Manhattan personal training gym will have a more concerted approach on free moving equipment that is best used under the supervision of a training partner.  Expect to see physio balls, ropes, bands, bars, kettle bells, and such.  People get personal trainers to train them, not for counting reps while as they are on a static movement machine.  With the equipment mentioned above, there is greater functional emphasis made to the training program.

A final primary difference is not being bound to any facility by a membership or monthly dues.  As earlier stated, most apartment buildings in the city are creating fitness spaces on premises for their residents to enjoy.  Some management companies allow personal trainers to come and work with the residents there, while few have set policies against it.  The focus of a Manhattan personal training gym is different than that of large gym that looks to build a member base.  The large gym is focuses on membership sales numbers, while the personal trainer looks for ways to keep their clients seeing results so they want to keep coming back.  When clients enjoy their sessions and see results, they will continue to return. Plus, they will refer their friends.

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