How can my Diet Improve My Sleep and Exercise Habits?

by glenn on May 11, 2011

Food is fuel for the body.  Follow the same process as filling up the tank in your car.  The higher the quality of the gas you put in, should improve your car’s fuel efficiency.  Fill your stomach with nutrient-dense foods. These foods are high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that our bodies need and generally lower in calories.  These will include fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats and fish.  Try to limit the amount of calorie dense foods.  These will include the fatty meats, fried foods, sugary snacks, and desserts.  They provide less of what your body needs at the expense of higher calories.


Adults should average between 1500-2500 calories per day.  Less active people on the low end, more active people on the higher end.  Of course, there are some populations that require amounts outside this range.


When it comes to exercise, eating well will put more pep in your step.  If you want to have more energy for exercise, eat more of the nutrient dense foods.  Grab a piece of fruit for a snack instead of a candy bar.  You will help sustain your energy for a longer period of time to get through a workout.  The candy bar may give you a short boost from the sugar rush, but not the longer sustained energy release provided by something like an apple.   Avoid eating a meal that will sit in your stomach like a lead weight, making you more anxious for a nap than a workout.


New York City has the unfortunate nickname of the city that never sleeps.  Try to forget that and leave that up to the insomniacs.  If you have eaten well and expended your energy throughout the day, you will sleep better.  You will have more energy throughout the day to go for an extra walk outside through Times Square or have a more effective workout at the gym.  You may even think about setting up a few sessions with an Manhattan personal trainer.  When you sleep, your body is recovering from the activity of the day.  Lots of things go on at night while you sleep.   There is no off switch on the body.


It’s important to give your body those nutrients throughout the day, so when you go to sleep, those nutrient supplies are being used to help rebuild and repair muscle fibers and other tissues to get you ready for another day.  A good night of sleep will get you ready for whatever tomorrow will bring.   Finally, do not eat just before bed.  It can make for a very restless night of sleep, and lead to weight gain, when your body has the extra task of trying to digest that last meal. For help achieving your healthy goals, you may want to seek the advice of a personal trainer Manhattan, or health coach Manhattan.



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