Don’t Let the Economy Weaken Your Training Business

by glenn on August 19, 2011

When making it through tough economic times, it is important to not lose sight of the intense passion that drove you to start your personal training career.  Do everything possible to maintain a strong relationship with your current clients, be creative with your latest promotions to hold a prospects interest, and never stop looking for that next client who needs your support and guidance.  Better yet, position yourself, so your next client comes knocking on your door. Most personal trainers felt the bite of 2008 and were finally getting back to their pre-recession session levels.  If they learned anything from the great recession, in order to survive a potential double-dip now, every personal trainer needs to strategize on how to sustain and grow their business.  Here are a few helpful hints.

Do everything possible to manage your current relationships. To start, be reliable and punctual for your sessions.  Don’t give them a reason to cast you aside.  Remember, you need to earn their business every session.  You need leverage when it comes time to renew. It is best not to provide them with any valid excuses for moving on.

Never forget the power of a great promotion. Nowadays, many businesses have pre-sale events.  Give your clients a little extra incentive to buy early. This can help you bridge the gap until the economic outlook improves.  If you sense that there is a possibility of job loss, you want to offer this early renewal plan. Losing a job is an extremely stressful situation and you should remind them this is even more of a reason to stay with a fitness program.  You may also find it prudent to present an option to move to a less desirable off-peak slot at a reduced rate.  This would help you open a peak time slot to a new client at a higher rate.  Your client can stay within a tighter budget range and you now have more flexibility to fill a more desirable time slot.


You may also find that it is necessary to create incentives when presenting to new clients.  This is possible by presenting a new client starter package or a deeper discount on the multiple session packs you offer.  A down economy means there is less money to go around, recognize this and adjust before getting shut out all together. In 2008, we saw this happen with many products.  From cars to skin lotions, people went down a level on many products they were purchasing in order to save money, but still fulfilled their needs.  Take a long term approach and work to build that long term relationship.


As you might expect clients will leave you in good times and bad.  Whether it ends up being because of finances, a move, or any number of personal reasons you will lose some clients over time.  Continue marketing to new clients to keep your sales funnel full is essential.   Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  What you are looking for is a return on your investment.  Don’t wait until panic sets in to begin in earnest to look for new personal training Manhattan clients.  The desperation in your eyes will be very evident to your prospect.  Realize that more people are looking for you, than just your clients’ friends.  Recognize that and use all available means to promote yourself.  You have lots of options between traditional advertising, social media, and internet based advertising.  On average, Manhattan personal trainers who actively used a form of internet marketing had 4 more sessions per week than those who only used traditional advertising.  Best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are many low cost options available.

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