Can Your Personal Trainer Sap Your Motivation?

by glenn on August 10, 2011

It is an exciting decision to embark on a program with a personal trainer.  It is also a big investment physically, mentally, and fiscally.  Sadly, your personal trainer may not look at the relationship from the same perspective. The trainer’s lack of simple professional conduct can have a serious effect on your enthusiasm, progress, and commitment.  Here are three items to evaluate when making your choice of personal trainers.


When you commit to a session, you should see your personal trainer there a few minutes early and ready to go at the agreed upon start time.  This means they should not be walking in right when the session is supposed to start.  They should need a couple of minutes to get ready for you.  The expectation is that they have an agenda and some notes to review for the today’s workout.  Also, they should not excuse themselves by saying they started late with another client.  If their previous client started late, you should not be the one to suffer and then you lose a few minutes at the end.  At some point in the day, the time will have to made up and with a full schedule, you don’t want to be the client that gets cheated. Even worse, they show up late holding a hot cup of coffee.  Totally unacceptable!


If your personal trainer shows up in jeans and a t-shirt, you can’t tell if they are here to train you or more prepared to meet a friend for a movie that afternoon.  A fitness trainer should dress the part.  There are two basic ways they can choose to go.  One obvious way, is to dress like they are ready to workout with you.  This doesn’t mean their favorite workout wear for a day off.  This means a nice, clean athletic wear outfit.  A second basic option is they can dress comfortably professional in something like a polo shirt with their and khakis.  To some this has more of the physical therapist look.  A polo shirt with their business logo is an even nicer touch since it gives the impression again that this is about the business of your session, not meeting with a friend later in the day.


Remember, you are paying your personal trainer Manhattan for the session.  They should be focusing on you.  In a profession where one carries their office with them it is easy to get distracted, but that is no excuse for them to lose focus during a session.  If they are looking at their emails or texting a friend, then they are not evaluating your technique, watching your breathing, or pushing you for those last few repetitions.  This is not only dangerous, but the message being sent by the trainer is that my electronic messages are more important than the client paying me for my time.


If your personal trainer Manhattan exhibits one or all of these behaviors, it may be time to search for another.  You shouldn’t continue to pay someone who doesn’t show up on time, doesn’t come dressed ready for action, and doesn’t pay attention to you.  Achieving fitness goals is dependent on one’s commitment, focus, and motivation.  If you don’t have a fitness professional who helps you stay on target here, you are within your rights to make this decision.

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