When Injury Occurs, Embrace The Rest

by glenn on September 29, 2011

Injuries happen.  Sometimes it is because we didn’t listen to the earlier signs our body was sending us to slow down.  Maybe you’ve trudged through the last few workouts, not feeling as good as you usually do.  Maybe you weren’t sleeping as well.  Whatever it was, you didn’t listen and now you body has sent you a strong message.  Ouch!  End of workout.


In most cases, your injury may require a few days rest.  For example, if your injury includes some swelling, put your feet up, grab a book and an icepack.  Exercise your mind in lieu of a few trips to the gym.  If you are already reading a book, enjoy a few extra pages.  If it has been a while, it is a great hobby to rediscover.  If the injury obviously needs medical attention, get to the doctor fast.  The sooner you begin to treat the injury, the sooner you can start recovering. You may be a little down that you got hurt and can’t workout, but do not make it worse by sitting around and eating junk food.  That is just putting you in a deep hole and making it harder for you to climb out.    An injury doesn’t have to throw you into a tailspin.


Recognize that your body needs to rest.  Give your body some down time.  Your body just told you that it can’t always be go, go, go.  Sometimes you have to take it slow, slow, slow.  Enjoy some new healthy foods that may aid in the recovery from your injuries.  The opportunity to split from your routine may help you find something new that you enjoy.  Thus, you will be able to add something new into your routine.


Whether your injury calls for you to make a change in your exercise program or not, you may benefit from making some changes.  You may want to hire a personal trainer Manhattan to redesign your whole routine and teach you some new exercises.  You may also want to try something completely new like pilates or yoga.  The changes may help strengthen the injured area and prevent future injuries.


When it is time to return, take it slow.  Do not jump right back in where you were before.  You are just asking for trouble.  Again, this is where personal trainers Manhattan can help keep you in check to prevent you from repeating Depending on how long your layoff has been, your muscles may have atrophied.  Notwithstanding, it is best to start a little lighter to ensure the injured area is ready for the stress and stimulation.


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