Skills & Experience First, Not Pictures, When Choosing A Personal Trainer

by glenn on September 21, 2012

When setting off on the road to finding a personal trainer, it is important to take an introspective look at yourself.  Decide what you want.  Figuring out what your fitness goals are is a big part of that.  Imagining what you want to look like at the end of the process is important, too.  However, while it is important to try to connect with a personal trainer who looks like they could be the role model who can help you reach those goals, it is more important not to let how the trainer looks be your deciding factor.

If you look at the profiles of fitness trainers available at your local gym or at pictures of trainers across the internet, it is easy to get caught up in trying to pick the one that has the great physique.  Sadly, though, the trainer who is posing with his shirt off and showing off the six pack abs is probably doing more to drive away potential clients rather than attract them.  Many people find those types of pictures intimidating.  An attitude or arrogance comes through, not the trainers skills and knowledge of physical fitness. While your goal may be to look more like that trainer in the picture than what your current physical state is, you don’t want to feel like you are going to be worked over right from the beginning.  You aren’t ready for that.

What most people are looking for when scouring a catalog of trainers is a picture that sends the message that the personal trainer Manhattan is a professional, personable, knowledgeable, personal trainer, who stays physically fit themselves, and is ready to help someone else achieve their goals.  This isn’t done with a smile-less expression and a shirtless pose.  Most people want to see a genuine, natural smile on the face of a personal trainer Manhattan who by way of some athletic clothing gives off the message mentioned above.

With all this talk about the importance of the picture, what you really should be looking at is what are the skills and experience that makes this person the right Manhattan personal trainer for you.  Here is where the introspection comes into play.  By already knowing what your goals are your limitations are, and your needs are, you can match that all up with what you are learning about the trainer.  If they can’t meet your needs, then it is time to move on.  If they do meet your needs and they look like someone who you want to work with, then it makes sense to reach out and have a conversation with them.  While the personal trainer’s picture may visually capture your goals, they may not be able to get you there.  Read the words behind the trainer.  They will tell you if the trainer is right for you.

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