Rookie Personal Trainers Versus Experienced Trainers

by glenn on March 2, 2014

It happens in every industry, do you go with the seasoned veteran or the young gunner.  Everyday in Manhattan,  you have newly certified real estate agents and doctors starting their careers alongside notable and accomplished ones.   Manhattan personal trainers are no different.   For every busy, successful trainer, new trainers are assessing their first client.   Which one is right for you?  The answer is an individual one, but here are a few factors to consider.

Enthusiasm– You have to be passionate about what you do.  There is no doubt that veterans can be passionate about what they do, but you might find a newly minted certified trainer to be not only passionate, but invested in your success to the point where they can devote a bit more time and effort to your program.  It could be in the form of extended sessions, nutritional analysis,  or daily check-ins.  Their hope is that your success leads to referrals.

Cutting edge programs– If you are considering a newly minted trainer, they should be coming from a nationally recognized program, such as ACE, NESTA or NASM.  Nationally recognized certification program keep their programs up to date with the latest findings and information.

Thirst for knowledge– While all trainers are expected to complete continuing education classes, rookie trainers usually want to keep soaking it in, moving into the next level of material.  Whether it be an advanced trainer certification,  sports nutrition, or condition related, they take on a sponge-like approach.  They great part of being a Manhattan personal trainer, is that there are continuing education course opportunities almost every weekend in New York City.

General fitness is where a new personal trainer can help.  Most who reach out for training services are just looking for an improved overall fitness level.  In this situation, going with a newer trainer poses an opportunity to save and get a highly motivated and capable individual.

On the other hand you have very experienced personal trainers in Manhattan that encompass all of the above qualities as well, plus they have the experience of thousands of hours of training clients.  Where veteran personal trainers can help specifically is with special populations.  Over time, many fitness professionals will develop a niche market. Some will work with obese people just introducing their bodies to exercise,  other may handle clients with lower back ailments, while others deal mainly with training clients working towards an athletic event or sport.

The bottom line is, if you have a special need that must be fulfilled as part of your fitness program that must take top priority in choosing your trainer.   New York City is full of all kinds of people. Chances are a long time Manhattan personal trainer has seen it before.  You may have to bend a little bit based on your budget and their price,  but in Manhattan you should have plenty of personal trainers to choose from.

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