Personal Training For Weight Loss

by glenn on January 31, 2017

Work with a Personal Trainer to Lose Weight

If your reason for working out is to lose weight, then you need to do the right exercises. However, unless you’re trained in fitness, it can be hard for amateurs to know which are the best workouts for shedding weight. One of the reasons you need to hire a personal trainer is to have someone guide you by choosing the right exercises to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Try Intervals

The fitness experts at the American College for Sports Medicine, which is an organization that certifies personal trainers, reports your metabolism can stay elevated for 24 hours by including intervals with your regular exercise. Interval workouts include a series of low and high-intensity exercises which help burn more fat by increasing your metabolism.

If you normally jog, then you might include short wind sprints to break up your jogging and increase your metabolism. Manhattan personal trainers can create a workout schedule with different interval workouts to make your routine more intense so you will shed more weight. They have the training to properly choose the right type of exercises for your abilities to prevent injuries, but increase the metabolism.

Do Cardio

A Manhattan personal trainer can help you choose the right cardiovascular exercises to help you lose the extra weight you have. Most cardio exercises involve moving all your muscles, including your heart, and deep breathing so your lung capacity becomes stronger. Cardio exercises will increase your heart rate and metabolism, so you will burn more calories.

Swimming, running, bicycling and boxing are great cardio exercises both men and women will enjoy. These exercises can be included with your Manhattan personal training or you can do them on your own during your days off from the gym. The more you move, the more apt you are to lose weight and meet your goals.

A personal trainer can show you how to workout efficiently so your efforts are not wasted in the gym. They can set up a workout routine for you, keep track of your progress and increase the intensity when you’re ready for it to help you lose weight and get healthier.

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