Personal Trainers Have Heart

by glenn on April 21, 2012

I spent the better part of this morning trying to help a woman on a fixed budget find a personal trainer in Manhattan. She had set aside an amount of money to work with a personal trainer for three months twice a week. I had started by gathering some information about her, her needs, and her budget. I told her that I would reach out to all of the trainers in her area and see if anyone was able to work with her situation, but that she needs to realize that while her needs were easily addressed, her budget is limiting her ability to find a trainer. What would help make this possible would be if one of the trainer’s had lived nearby or an open slot in between clients that would make this a convenient win for both parties. What I found was that personal trainers have good hearts as well as good physical conditioning.

As promised, I sent out an email to over 20 trainers detailing the situation. Of course, I received a couple of responses politely declining the offer. Another group of responders were unavailable during her preferred. What was pleasantly surprising was the more than half of the people that were interested in hearing more about it or ready to contact her. It was really nice to get emails who were ready to help someone who was ready to make a change, but felt that her only obstacle was financial. “I am always willing to help someone who is ready to train, but can’t afford it. I would be happy to contact her,” said one trainer. Like Clutch Powers says, “I can work with heart.”

This was great. It seemed like was going to have a really neat feel good story. So many trainers wanted to speak with her. More than she was even able to talk too. As it went, she scheduled to meet with two of the trainers for consultations. One ended up being cancelled and one took place. It was a good scenario for both of them, as he lived nearby and could do it at a convenient time. From the trainer’s feedback the session was great. What was disappointing was the fact that after everything I had spoken about with her, listened to what she needed and could afford, as well as being very upfront so as to manage her expectations, she ended up trying to haggle for an even lower price.

This was an extremely disappointing development. For people who were trying to do the right thing and help someone, this was like a punch in the gut. This seemed very cut and dry after the conversation I had, had with her. If I was able to find someone to fit her needs, mission accomplished. Needless to say, I was taken aback a bit. But, it is what it is, she did what she did. It was time to move on. I moved on, but I was glad to be reminded of moral goodness. Most personal trainers become personal trainers because they are passionate about fitness and want to help people become the person they want to be. The person they envision and then help realize that vision.

Yes, they are in it to make money, as every working person, but when the opportunity arises to work with an individual who lacks sufficient means, but has the drive, they want to help them, too. It is unfortunate that this person did not see fully the hand that was being extended to them and the lengths that people went to to offer their help and support. Oh well, we’ll still keep our eyes open for the next opportunity. Until then, enjoy your workout.

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