First A Personal Trainer, Then A Personal Shopper

July 18, 2011

Having a personal trainer in the gym can change the trajectory of your workouts and speed you to achieving your fitness goals.  Having a personal shopper at the clothing store, improves the quality of your clothing choices because they don’t just help you find your size in the latest styles.  Working with personal trainers and […]

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Fitness, Ferris Bueller, & The Little Engine That Could

June 28, 2011

Ferris Bueller said it best when he said, life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around, you might miss something. It is a fact of New York City living, we are always moving at break neck speed from one thing to the next. Always trying to squeeze two minutes into one. Every […]

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Reduce Injury Occurrence With Core Strength

June 23, 2011

Are you prone to injury?  Do you often have lower back pain? Having a strong chest, back and legs is not enough. Like many others, you may be missing your core strengthening exercises. Core strength is the key to a strong, healthy, balanced body. A Manhattan Personal Trainer can help you achieve this and be […]

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Your Food is on The Way, But The Delivery Guy is Winded

June 21, 2011

Peer into the future of food delivery in New York City and you will see the folks who deliver the food getting bigger.  My prediction is, that NYC’s food delivery workers are about to take up more space in your elevator.  Why, you ask? One simple lazy innovation. Electric bikes. The pizza delivery man, nor […]

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Take a Break From The Gym With A Swim

June 8, 2011

    Having access to a pool in New York City is a premium amenity for the apartment dweller.  While still true in the summer, there is a tremendous increase in the options for using one. If you exercise regularly in local gym or run in the park, consider giving body a break.  Trade in […]

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Core Strength Can Help Reduce Injury

May 28, 2011

Are you easily injured? Are you weaker than you’d like to be? You can change this, you have the power, and it is right there in your core. Core strength is the key to a strong, healthy, body. A New York City Personal Trainer can help you achieve this and be all you are meant […]

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Improved Sleep Habits Will Help Improve Diet And Exercise Habits

May 14, 2011

Some people can fall asleep before their head hits the pillow, while others can toss and turns for a while before finally falling asleep.  Some people can sleep soundly through the night, while others end up waking up once or twice in the middle of the night.  How well you sleep can have a profound […]

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May 13, 2011

How Can Exercise Help My Sleep And Diet?     Having trouble sleeping?  Wishing you ate better?  Try exercising.  Yes, that’s correct.  Diet, exercise, and sleep are intertwined in such a way, that one can help, or hinder, the others just by making small changes in that area.  If you start an exercise routine, it […]

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How can my Diet Improve My Sleep and Exercise Habits?

May 11, 2011

Food is fuel for the body.  Follow the same process as filling up the tank in your car.  The higher the quality of the gas you put in, should improve your car’s fuel efficiency.  Fill your stomach with nutrient-dense foods. These foods are high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that our bodies need and […]

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The Top 4 Benefits of Pilates

May 8, 2011

As a form of exercise, pilates principally make use of the body in developing flexibility, muscular strength and general health. It concentrates on breathing, and as such, shares similarity with yoga. The fact that over 10 million Americans now make use of pilates shows its popularity and customer satisfying qualities. If one desire having the […]

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