$1500 for Obesity or Personal Training, Your Choice

May 7, 2012

    On Average, obesity increases an individual’s health care costs by $1500 annually.  I am sure that most Americans can figure out several better ways to spend that kind of money.  Suddenly, the value menu doesn’t seem to be much of a value, does it?  While there are a great many things that $1500 […]

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Personal Trainers Have Heart

April 21, 2012

I spent the better part of this morning trying to help a woman on a fixed budget find a personal trainer in Manhattan. She had set aside an amount of money to work with a personal trainer for three months twice a week. I had started by gathering some information about her, her needs, and […]

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Fatherhood and Fitness in Manhattan

March 4, 2012

As parents, and for the purposes of this article, fathers, we spend a lot of our time doing things for others.  Whether it be pickups, drop offs, playdates, music classes, sports classes, diaper changes, shopping, cooking or something else on the never-ending list, there are few things that we do each day for ourselves.  But […]

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A NYC Health Coach or Nutritionist Can Get You On Track

February 22, 2012

New York City is the type of place where people are always trying to squeeze two minutes into one.  This hectic pace is at the peril of being able to make healthy choices.  Often corners are cut when it comes to habits such as activity, sleeping, or nutrition.  We tend to stay up later, grab […]

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Nutritionists Simply Know Nutrition

February 7, 2012

In the most basic sense of the it, food is fuel your body machine. People who live and work in as frenetic a place as New York City need to give their bodies the cleanest fuel just keep up with the pace of the day. That’s not easy for the active professional who is on […]

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You Probably Do it Everyday, Now Take Full Advantage

February 1, 2012

You probably do it everyday, almost involuntarily in most cases. You do it to wake yourself up. You do it to help you get moving. Subconsciously, you already know the benefits, but are not using the knowledge to further the cause. It the act of stretching and it has benefits far beyond just helping you […]

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Avoid New Gym Fear

January 26, 2012

Every year at this time people are quick to plop down their credit cards and blindly join a gym that is convenient to them. The thought crept into their heads in December about getting in shape in the New Year. I have to get in shape. Joining a gym is the only way. While there […]

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Personal Trainers and Jeans Fit Together

December 26, 2011

Most people get a personal trainer so that they can fit into their favorite pair of “skinny jeans”. However, the connection between personal trainers and jeans is stronger that just that. In the not so distant past, if you needed a pairs of jeans, you had only a few choices. You went to The Gap […]

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Independent Personal Trainers Provide More Fitness Options

November 24, 2011

New York City has some of the finest personal trainers who will encourage and motivate you to improve your overall strength and health. People who want to find a personal trainer, feel they are confined to to group of fitness trainers who work at their local gym where they hold a membership.  However, in a […]

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A Website, A Business Card, A Shirt, & A Personal Trainer

November 18, 2011

This isn’t another joke about a man walking into a bar.  In fact, it isn’t a joke at all.  This is simply about a personal trainer marketing their services to the local community.  In New York City, you can combine a more personal, grass roots method with the technology of today.  Here are three basic […]

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