NYC Personal Trainers Need Three Things For Success

by glenn on October 9, 2011

There are lots of different characteristics that make a great personal trainer.  A great personal trainer for one person, may not be the right source of motivation for another.  Taking both sides of the relationship into account, there are three primary points of being a successful personal trainer.

A fitness trainer’s most obvious attribute is their personality. You aren’t just looking for the nice guy with a nice personality.  It is important to be in sync with your them.  You hear a lot about championship sports teams talk about chemistry. That chemistry between you and your personal trainer is equally as important for you to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. If you want the drill sergeant, find the drill sergeant.  If you want the cheerleader, then you need to find one who seems to offer the right words of encouragement at the right time.

One place that can take on many forms is program design.  Tell 10 people that you want to lose weight and you will get 10 different plans to reach your goal.  Because everyone is different, a trainer needs to know as many ways as possible to accomplish the same goal.  They also need to able to recognize that when one avenue is not working, it is time to make a tweak or change course completely.

Business sense could be the make or break of whether your trainer sticks with you.  Are they organized and responsible enough to run a business?  Being a personal trainer Manhattan means wearing many different hats simultaneously: planning, executing, and monitoring a clients program is just one.  Personal trainers Manhattan have to maintain a robust schedule to stay in business.  Therefore they also have to be able to market themselves and have good time management skills.  All of those are very broad categories requiring much attention.  Otherwise, you could find yourself looking for a new trainer because they couldn’t attract new clients and maintain their current clients.

Remember, before starting any physical fitness program, schedule a physical with your physician. Even if the visit is just a formality, you want to start with a clean bill of health and know of any possible complications or limitations. At best you can get a baseline of your current state of health. Worst case scenario, is that your doctor finds something wrong. But again, it is better to find out in the early stages before something worse happens.

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