Monitoring Your Heart Rate During Exercise

by glenn on March 13, 2011


Do you have a regular exercise plan? Have you arranged for a program to safeguard and improve the strength of your heart? If you do any sort of athletic activity, from walking to strength training; you should be regularly monitoring your heart rate, or you are missing a vital piece of the puzzle.


Charge up the stairs from the subway and you can tell pretty quickly if your heart is pounding hard and you are breathing heavy, then you need some help to get on the right “track.” As you progress in your fitness program, your heart rate will be lower at the varied levels of exertion, and your trainer will increase the resistance or activity level to keep you on the improvement plan.


Your goal in exercising is to raise your heart rate and keep it in a safe zone during the workout. You would want your heart rate to be in the zone for safe exertion for at least 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the program you are using. The level for your age and fitness at the start of the plan can be determined. You plan could be an aerobic training routine, which starts with a steady warm up and then progresses to the exertion level and keeps you there. You may choose strength training, and need to know the proper methods of performing the exercises and breathing to keep up your heart rate so as to strengthen it while increasing your lung capacity.


There are a number of reasons why heart monitoring is important. You should establish your base number or resting heart rate at the start of any exercise program. A personal trainer Manhattan, can help get your numbers organized. Your resting heart rate is usually 10 to 15 beats below the normal rate that would be found when you are working but not exerting yourself. People that are fit will generally have a lower resting rate than the rest of us.


New York is a great town to be active in. Briskly walking to work and using the stairs can easily show you what it feels like to exert your heart and lungs. As you advance through a training program, you will notice less of an exertion in the daily activities we all do here in NYC, and enjoy the benefits of more power in your body to get you through your day.  Start a program with a personal trainer Manhattan and see the benefits.


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