Manhattan Personal Training Market

by glenn on December 13, 2016

The Manhattan Personal Training Market is Heating Up For the New Year

Every New Year brings renewed attention to the health and fitness industry. You have new gadgets, new apps, new diets, and new workouts. You also have newly-minted personal trainers out looking for new clients. However, this year I have noticed a new trend growing for the New Year.

The question I keep asking myself

Is New York City personal training booming? The question seems to be answered with a resounding yes. I am connecting with more newly certified or soon to be certified personal trainers in New York City than I have in the last five years. That is not to say that there was no growth during that time period, but this time around it just feels different. More trainers means more competition for new clients.

Here’s another reason

More new NYC independent personal training gyms are opening. Not only are there NYC personal trainers growing their businesses by opening up their own facilities. I.E. Roody Dallemand with Cornerstone Gym, but veteran personal training gym owners are also opening additional locations. As One Fitness and Lift Gym recently opened in the Chelsea. Plus, I have bee n made aware of another three new openings for 2017. More spaces for working out, means more space for fun.

And a bonus...

These new gyms are not just for one-on-one sessions anymore. New spaces are being built with studios for group classes.  New Yorkers with money to spend on fitness are looking more towards the group experience and NYC personal trainers are more than happy to satiate their appetite.

All of this means more floor space for more personal trainers to train clients in many different areas of Manhattan.

It’s safe to say that New York City is getting ready for the onslaught of new personal training clients for the New Year. Find a personal trainer¬†today!

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