Just go, already! Stop with the excuses!

by glenn on January 19, 2014

If I hear another person ask for a refund or want to cancel because they haven’t had time to get started, I might lose it. I find it so annoying. It’s admitting failure before you have even tried.

Hey folks, it’s January. This is the time most people get their acts together and begrudgingly get to the gym. If you can’t get inspired now, then when? Stop being lazy. Don’t put so much pressure on that first workout. It’s just one. It is the beginning, not everything.

Just get dressed and go. That’s all you have to do. Put on some sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt and head to the gym. Get on a treadmill or a bike. Pick up some dumbbells and do some curls. No one is watching. No one is expecting you to do Olympic power lifts or lunges.

Try it you might like it. That’s it, give it a chance. If you don’t like a traditional gym, try something else. Try yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, cycling, or whatever sounds appealing. Like having a Manhattan personal trainer at the gym, each of these activities has a fitness instructor at the helm leading the class.

You might even accomplish the goals you set out to achieve when you made your temporary commitment. If you can’t do it on your own, get a personal trainer Manhattan. Would you do your tax return on your own? No, you would have an accountant. Would you represent yourself in a legal proceeding? No, you would hire a lawyer.

A quick word of advice before getting started. Be sire to get medical clearance from your primary care physician. More harm than good can come from exercising if you are at risk for injury or have conditions of disease. Physical exams are beneficial in ruling out risks and they can also serve as a baseline of health so you can see your health improvements as your training continues.

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