Is A Fitness Community Website Right For Your Marketing Budget

by glenn on September 21, 2011

Marketing is about making others aware of your business.  Marketing creates opportunities, but is not an immediate guarantee that new business will come.   Website marketing is just one form of marketing that a personal trainer can do.  I personally recommend a combination of marketing strategies.  Rightfully so, you have to be concerned with the cost of service.  It brings up the idea of what else can you do to tell 100+ people about your business?


The cost of designing, printing, and distributing of flyers and postcards can easily run into the hundreds depending on how many you are printing and the print quality.  Unfortunately, they have a limited shelf life and once they have been removed or all been picked up they are gone until replenished.  You could also try giving away free sessions.  However, this is kind of a second stage once you’ve got a prospect. In any case, your session rate times the number of sessions you perform is the cost of trying to acquire that customer.  In this vein, you must understand that the majority of people will be in it just for the free workout session.


The internet is another necessary avenue of promotion.  Search engine optimization includes building a website and optimizing for keywords.  This will easily cost over a thousand dollars initially.  It’s a long-term investment, but takes a lot of time and patience to get the website you want and competitive rankings.  Rankings are what you need if you want people to be able to find your website.  If you go with Google pay per click, realize that anything related to NYC personal training is going to cost $3-$7 anytime someone were to click on your ad.  Even if they click it by mistake and go back you pay Google.  That said, 100 clicks will cost you $300-$700.  It can add up quickly.


Again, these are just a few other strategies that a Manhattan personal trainer should use.  They are all good ones.  You should use some of them as well as others, for value comparisons.  In addition to your fitness community membership, you may have event opportunities, blog opportunities, monthly newsletter “healthy tips” contribution opportunities, among others.


Whatever you choose, I would urge you not to give up on a marketing strategy that quickly.  Make sure you are properly funded so you can sustain it for a period of time to give it a chance.  Also, don’t expect everything to happen because you initiated something.  Rather, use it to reach out to clients, prospects, friends, etc.  Tell others what you’ve done.  Put it on your Facebook page.  Email every one of your prospects and then follow up with a phone call.  Have your friends forward your link or like you link on Facebook.   After all, a personal trainer Manhattan can never rule out the benefits of receiving a referral.

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