Fitness, Ferris Bueller, & The Little Engine That Could

by glenn on June 28, 2011

Ferris Bueller said it best when he said, life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around, you might miss something. It is a fact of New York City living, we are always moving at break neck speed from one thing to the next. Always trying to squeeze two minutes into one.

Every year, people spend billions on books spelling out the perfect diet or the best workout to achieve the body you have always wanted. Sadly, most of these books fall sit closed never getting a crack in the spine. The book becomes another obstacle in the climb toward optimal health. It is like a putting a boulder on the windy mountain path to the top. What people need to do is remember what Ferris Bueller said and the story of the Little Engine That Could.

Achieving the goal of healthy living is not about reading a book about the subject from cover to cover before getting started. All that does is enable the procrastinator in you to continue it’s control. Additionally, if you try to read a book from cover to cover you will retain little of the information contained within. A better option is to take it in parts, learn a little bit at a time, apply it, and build on it with the next chapter, a la The Little Engine That Could. With each rotation of it’s wheels, the engine said, “I think I can.”

That is the exact way one needs to approach their fitness routine. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, or one workout at a time. Believe that each increment gets you closer to your goal. Accept that you do not need to learn all there is to know about exercise so don’t even try. Just go out and get started with a few familiar exercises. If that means getting down on the ground and doing some pushups, then you are starting with a very complete movement. Then stand up and do some jumping jacks for a few minutes. You are on your way. Yes, you may remember these from grade school, but if that is where you need to start, then get started. Those exercises may seem metaphorically beginner for many, but for some it may be all they know from their school days. Most importantly, they are powerful compound movements incorporating cardiovascular exercise and multiple muscle groups.

To accelerate the process from the beginning, many people turn to the services of a New York City personal trainer. Personal trainers Manhattan can teach you something new everyday. They are with you as you perform these new exercises, educating you as you go through it all. The retention level of the significance of these exercises on your health and your fitness goals is greater through the instruction you receive. Above all, you will learn to perform these exercises with excellent form, minimizing the risk of injury. All in, you will be using the principles established by our to fictional teachers Ferris Beuller and the Little Engine. Slow down, take it in as it comes, and celebrate every accomplishment. Enjoy your workout!

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