First A Personal Trainer, Then A Personal Shopper

by glenn on July 18, 2011

Having a personal trainer in the gym can change the trajectory of your workouts and speed you to achieving your fitness goals.  Having a personal shopper at the clothing store, improves the quality of your clothing choices because they don’t just help you find your size in the latest styles.  Working with personal trainers and personal shoppers helping you may sound like a far fetched idea, but they are more available than you think and their services can go hand in hand to help you look your best.


Most initial reactions to this idea give into the idea that personal trainers and personal shoppers are just for the rich and famous.  But across the country and the globe, those passionate about fitness and fashion are making careers out of helping individuals look and feel their best.   Unequivocally, these positions may be more lucrative in a metropolitan area like New York City, but you can find personal shoppers in many department stores from coast to coast.


Our first stop should be the gym to get in shape.  You may have a program that you have done for years now that helps you stay in shape.  Recently though much has changed in the exercise world.  Personal trainers Manhattan can teach you some of these new exercises that you can do instead, producing better results in less time.  They can put together a program that will help you strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, and push past your cardiovascular limits. It may cost more to work with a NYC personal trainer, but the investment in your health will improve the quality of your experience at the gym and your quality of life.  A personal trainer wants you to look forward to your next trip to their facility.  You should be focused each time you step out of the locker room, whether for strength training day or a good run on the treadmill.


After you’ve reached those fitness goals, it’s time to buy some new clothes to show off that new physique.  You may know what you want, but a personal shopper knows what will look best on you.  They know what will bring out your best features.  They have been trained on what works best for different body types and which manufacturers cut their clothes to with your body shape.  Plus, they listen to you to zero in on what you like.  You’ve got a new body, it’s time to test new fashion boundaries.  Here is a secret, it doesn’t cost extra to seek the help of a store employed personal shopper.  Happy shoppers also tell their friends where they buy their clothes and how they enjoyed the experience.


Your personal trainer Manhattan helped you achieve the physique you sought.  Now hit the clothing racks and buy some new clothes with the personal shopper to help show it off.  You got it, now flaunt it.  Enjoy your workout!


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