Core Strength Can Help Reduce Injury

by glenn on May 28, 2011

Are you easily injured? Are you weaker than you’d like to be? You can change this, you have the power, and it is right there in your core. Core strength is the key to a strong, healthy, body. A New York City Personal Trainer can help you achieve this and be all you are meant to be.


Do you know where your core is? When most people think core, they think abs and back. There is much more to it than that. A strong core includes your abs and back, but also your pelvic and hip muscles which provide critical stability for your body when you are riding on the E train, hauling groceries from Fairway, or dancing the night away. You need your abs, back, pelvic and hip muscles working together in harmony for the core strength that prevents injury in all areas of your daily life.


Many people make the mistake of overemphasizing one of these muscle groups over the others. Six pack abs look great. They are the ultimate goal of many people and lead many to believe they not only look good but also have core strength. But you can have lean six-pack abdominals and still be easily injured because of weakness elsewhere that could throw your body out of balance. Personal Trainers Manhattan will develop the perfect core-strengthening program so that your body works in balance, reducing injuries whether you are a NY Marathon runner or just hoping to make it around the reservoir without a leg cramp.


How will you achieve the core strength to reduce the injuries that can knock you off track? Don’t relegate your core exercises to the last five minutes of your workout. You have to make the promise of good core health to yourself and then put in the energy and work to get there. The best way to do this is with a plan developed especially for your body and your needs. Your personalized plan for core strength and reduced injuries can be a combination of activities you are familiar with, like Pilates and yoga, and less familiar moves and exercises that a Personal Trainer Manhattan will teach you.


Most importantly, before starting any exercise program, be sure to speak you’re your doctor first. It may be best to start with an annual physical, so one has a baseline for one’s health, as well as possibly heading off any underlying problems that could derail progress.


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