A Website, A Business Card, A Shirt, & A Personal Trainer

by glenn on November 18, 2011

This isn’t another joke about a man walking into a bar.  In fact, it isn’t a joke at all.  This is simply about a personal trainer marketing their services to the local community.  In New York City, you can combine a more personal, grass roots method with the technology of today.  Here are three basic ideas to help get any motivated Manhattan personal trainer advertising their business in a short amount of time.


Start by designing a business card.  Remember to stay away from templates.  Invest a small amount of money and work with a designer for your logo.  Your logo designer should also be able to use the design to quickly create a business card and corresponding  letterhead.  Confirm with them that this is included before awarding them the job.  It should be part of the package, so they can deliver everything all at once.  If you are concerned about paying for this service, don’t be.  Once you have a business card design, you can find sites like Vistaprint, that will print cards up for you for free.  You just have to upload your design.  This is a much better option than creating business cards that look like several others.


Wear a shirt that says “personal trainer”.  Can anything be more obvious?  Visually, people are drawn to physically fit individuals.  Especially those who are wishing to be in better shape.  Now imagine one of them seeing you with wearing a shirt that says you are a personal trainer.  This could be the edge you need that makes the difference between a lead and a passer by.  This is an especially good tactic for a Manhattan personal trainer as we tend to walk more from place to place than in suburban area where people have a tendency to drive everywhere.


Get online.  Today, over 90% of consumers start researching a purchase online. Even if you don’t plan on doing any search engine optimization, you still need an online presence.  You need to have a website as a hub of all of your marketing efforts.  For example, if ten people pick up your business card, nine of them will go to the internet to find out more about you.  Your chances of being contacted improve when you have an address in cyberspace.  If people can’t find you, they won’t use you.  If you have the website, then people can find out more about you, your services, and you have provided another point of contact.


Say it loud and say it proud.  You are a personal trainer Manhattan.  Let people know you are a fitness professional for hire and not just another physically fit New Yorker. A website, business cards, and a uniform make for a nice professional image.


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