A NYC Health Coach or Nutritionist Can Get You On Track

by glenn on February 22, 2012

New York City is the type of place where people are always trying to squeeze two minutes into one.  This hectic pace is at the peril of being able to make healthy choices.  Often corners are cut when it comes to habits such as activity, sleeping, or nutrition.  We tend to stay up later, grab food on the go, and make decisions based on convenience, rather than what is good for us for the long run.  It can get to a point where things get so out of whack that you need to call in reinforcements to stop the tailspin.  Often in these situations, people will call on the services of either a health coach or a nutritionist.  Determining which might be best for you is a good place to start.


Nutritionists and health coaches assist individuals in very important and specific ways. The nutritionist is primarily focused on a person’s food choices and habits. This tends to splash over into other aspects of lifestyle, however the main concern is what you are eating on a daily basis. NYC Nutritionists are experienced in creating a tasty, nutritious daily diet with a variety of foods that person enjoys and fits within the busy lifestyle. Nutritionists strive to help their clients develop strong healthy habits. Once these habits are established, then it becomes easier to make the smart choices that lead to optimal health.


A health coach is another type of wellness professional an individual may enlist to help identify and correct some less than perfect habits. A health coach looks at a person’s life through a microscope.  The health coach wants to help you identify triggers that cause you to stray off the wellness path and make poor choices.  Where a nutritionist mainly looks at a person’s diet, a health coach looks at every aspect of a person’s life to help their health. Health coaches may help analyze living arrangements, sleep habits and a person’s daily schedule.  The health coach will help make suggestions on how to improve on a day to day and week by week basis. Dietary and nutritional habits are also explored as part of this. However the health coach is not looking specifically at the diet as a nutritionist would. In some cases, the health coach wants to get the individual to realize on their own that changes need to be made in there life in order to achieve the goal of a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy needs to exist outside the conversation you have with your doctor. Living healthy involves making the right choices everyday.


How do I choose between the two or do I need both?  You may have a better idea after reading the above paragraphs, but if not, take time to ask yourself a few questions and identify what your needs are.  You may come to your own conclusion on who to choose.  You could also take a step forward and seek out some initial consultations with some nutritionists and health coaches in your New York City neighborhood.  The conversations will offer you some personal insight, while at the same time give you a chance to know your potential mentor on your journey to better health.  What you will find is that many health coaching certification programs have a built in nutrition component.  Additionally, many certified NYC health coaches either start with a nutritionist certification or get one after they are certified as a personal trainer Manhattan.


If getting many of your daily missteps and challenges resolved can in turn can help with your nutritional issues, than start with a health coach.  If you are looking for a more specific plan for making better food choices and not to concerned with other lifestyle habits, then start with a nutritionist NYC.  If exercise happens to be a main component you want to include, you may even find a personal trainer with additional certifications in nutrition or health coaching.


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