Self-Training versus Personal Training

by glenn on December 5, 2017

Why Self-Training Your Way to Fitness Goals Using Search Engines Doesn’t Work

Let’s be honest: we never really truly know what we’re doing when it comes to achieving a fitness goal.  As we approach a new year, a birthday, or the end of spring, we fantasize about the type of body we wish we had – A-lister abs, sleeve-stretching triceps, butt-forming pants. This as we declare, with futility, that tonight’s slice of pizza or morning donut will be the absolute last.

As those last bites are enjoyed, we pop open our laptop or take out our phone and search for fitness ideas and meal plans. We tell ourselves that we can sit on the shoulders of Adonis-bodied professionals and simply copy what they did on our own, in the comfort of our apartment on our yoga mat with a few dumb-bells beside, and that we’ll finally put that pull-up bar that’s hanging on our bedroom door to good use.

It doesn’t work like that.

After a few reps and the first hint of soreness, we pat ourselves on the back but then return to the same old habits. Why? Because getting fit doesn’t work like that. As newbies, we don’t have the self-discipline to go with the DIY-approach. We need someone to put us and keep us on track.

What’s needed is a Manhattan personal trainer; a truly dedicated professional who knows the biology and chemistry of how our bodies function to maximize its ultimate potential. A Upper West Side personal training session gives us the initial steps into a foreign world where we demand more from our bodies than we are used to. Stepping out of the comfort zone is what we need.

A web search of exercise routines simply does not compare to what Upper East Side personal trainers can offer to anyone who is serious about getting fit. One can spend countless hours watching videos on how to have proper form when doing a deadlift, but what will really motivate you to do them right and do them often is the help of a true professional.  With the right mindset, one will get what they put in with an investment into Upper West Side personal training sessions.


Personal Training Can Turn Your Life Around

by glenn on November 12, 2017

The Darker Side of Why People Get Personal Trainers

Our daily lives are filled with reason to feel beaten, weary, and emotionally drained. In some cases that are becoming all too frequent, one can give in to despair, falling into an abyss of inertia where nothing gets done and yet the feelings of sadness remain, festering on the mind and body. At this point, one may seek the advice of a mental health professional. And although there’s nothing wrong with that, how about considering a day at your local gym?

Lone Wolf, or Roam With the Pack?

Depression can be paralyzing. However, taking those small first few steps towards active physical activity can go a long way in reversing the effects of feeling down and blue. Alongside whatever a doctor may suggest, a few hours a week or more at the gym would certainly help at reminding one of what their body is capable of. When we demand more of our bodies, we feel a rush of satisfaction when we get it done.

For example, some people feeling down on themselves for not having put in the time to get in shape in their younger years. Others aren’t content with the level of self-confidence that their mirror reflection reminds them of. And the struggle is always on where and how to begin.

One could go at it alone and make their own work out plan. Upon buying a gym membership, the feeling that you could do it on your own seems appealing.  However, results are consistently seen when a Manhattan personal trainer is factored in. And often, one can first get a preview of what having a trainer is like by taking one of their classes offered at the gym. A class makes one feel like they are part of a group, part of a pack, all engaging in an activity together for the common goal of becoming fit and strong.

Afterwards, one can ask for a Upper East Side personal training session. Usually, there are a team of personal trainers ready to welcome you into the fold as a beginner who wishes to turn their life around. Everyone began at zero. But when the time is taken to improve their health and fitness, the results pay off with greater levels of self-confidence and self-discipline. Both of those are best achieved with the hands-on, individual touch of one of NYC’s qualified personal trainers.



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