bkfitness3Get Advice About Building Muscle from a Personal Trainer

Building muscle isn’t only for bodybuilders, but for anyone who wants to improve how their body looks and functions. To properly build muscle, a personal trainer can design a fitness regimen for anyone who wants to add bulk and/or strengthen their bodies. Here is some advice a personal trainer may provide anyone trying to pack muscles onto their frames.

Follow a Regimen

When trying to add muscle to your body, the right exercises need to be done. Too often people try to build muscle by lifting weights without knowing what they are doing and, therefore, they don’t get results. A personal trainer will design a fitness routine specifically for your goals with the right exercises to build the muscle you want.

NYC personal trainers will often limit using weight machines as they do not maximize the effort you will be making. Instead, they will encourage the use of free weights because they are better for building muscles where you want them. Trainers will also recommend compound exercises which work multiple muscles at the same time to help build muscle.

Maximize Gym Time

Along with doing the right exercises, NYC personal training also requires dedication. Instead of socializing at the gym, your trainer will help you maximize your time by working out steadily for 30 to 45 minutes. With a good fitness routine, you won’t need to spend hours at the gym, but you can do an intense work out and be back at home within an hour or so.

Nutritional Advice

When trying to add muscle to a body, it is important to eat the right foods. Eating high calorie fatty foods will add weight instead of muscle, but eating low-calorie, low protein foods will not produce the desired results either. An Upper East Side personal trainer can give you advice on what to eat and supplements to add to your diet, such as protein shakes, to bulk up.

As your trainer can advise you, you need to be patient when trying to get the results you want as it won’t happen overnight. If you’re persistent, you will meet your goals and build the body you want.


What is a Personal Trainer?

by glenn on April 23, 2017

Work with a Personal Trainer to Achieve Fitness Goals

While exercising on their own suits some people, others often get frustrated because they are not seeing the results they want. Instead of seeking help, they may give up and stop going to the gym. However, a personal trainer can recommend more effective workouts and coach you so you get the results you want in the gym.

What is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is certified in fitness training and how it affects the anatomy. They provide guidance to clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. Some trainers are also educated in nutrition and/or supplementation, so they can help advise clients on how to eat healthier so they have more energy, build muscle, lose weight or achieve any other goals they have.

The Role of a Personal Trainer

When you start working with a Manhattan personal trainer, he or she will talk about what you wish to achieve when working with them and then do an assessment of your fitness level. Once they know what you wish to accomplish and what you’re capable of, they will design a workout program for you. They will demonstrate how to do each exercise and supervise you when working out.

Manhattan personal trainers can also provide the motivation you need to get through tough workouts, achieve your goals and keep working out when you feel like giving up. Each personal trainer has their own motivation style, so you need to find one with whom you can work. Some personal trainers can provide advice about what types of food to eat so you have energy throughout the day and burn fat to look and feel your best.

Selecting a Personal Trainer

There are many different types of Upper West Side personal training, so you need to find a trainer who can help you accomplish your specific goals. Some trainers work exclusively with athletes, while others help patients rehabilitate after surgery or serious medical events, such as a stroke.

If you want a general fitness personal trainer, they may work for a gym or for themselves. It’s important to select the right trainer for your needs.



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